What’s your small business doing to get a marketing edge this year? Recently, Adobe and Econsultancy released an infographic highlighting key digital trends for 2013. The research suggests that custom content will be a top priority for companies (39 percent) and agencies (38 percent), and content marketing will be a key focus overall for 2013.

Adobe and Econsultancy InfographicCompanies (38 percent) and agencies (39 percent) indicate that social media engagement will be their second priority for the new year. Brands may not realize content creation leads directly to social media engagement.

Fifty-two percent of respondents also noted that personalization would be fundamental to their online strategies, and 84 percent said their marketing must become more measurable.

Content marketing offers brands a lot of advantages today, and analytics reports show where campaigns effectively win leads and where missteps cost companies online sales. Through well-written social media content, companies will see engagement increase, and referral traffic improve for their websites – which makes it even more important for very web page should be optimized to engage and convert visitors.

While it makes sense that blog marketing might be a key focus for businesses across all industries in 2013, a better prediction would be that organizations will refine their strategies using insights they’ve gained over the last year. This year may belong to content, but so did the last three or four.