Social Media Time

Small business owners realize social media marketing in conjunction with website content has the potential to drive traffic and conversion rates. This has led brands to consider social media fan growth as an essential practice for success, which presents struggles of its own.

Marketing responsibilitiesBusinesses are spending more time using social media for customer outreach, but finding adequate resources to aid in marketing efforts is often difficult. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report, 52 percent of professionals share all marketing responsibilities with their entire departments. Brands may distribute tasks among their teams because they’re strapped for cash and time.

Asking team members to become active ambassadors of a brand’s social presence requires professionals to disproportionately dedicate time to various tasks. According to a recent study by VerticalResponse, businesses are ramping up their usage of social media, but their teams aren’t growing quickly enough to support their efforts.

The data shows that 66 percent spend more time on social media than they did the previous year. More, 43 percent of respondents allocate over six hours per week on crafting social media content alone. Twenty-five percent work between six and 10 hours per week optimizing sites like Facebook and Twitter for branding purposes.

CEO Social Media UsageAs for CEO-level respondents, one-third say they would rather spend fewer hours on social media and focus their attention on other tasks. The main hardship is that business owners know they need active social presences, but they don’t have the workforce or time to use most networks effectively.

Facebook remains the ideal social solution for website conversions as it features the largest active population of users. Ninety percent of survey respondents say they’re active on Facebook, compared to 70 percent on Twitter and 50 percent on LinkedIn. Sites like Google+ (32 percent) and Pinterest (29 percent) lag behind. Of the business professionals who use social media, 32 percent post to Facebook daily and 29 percent contribute posts to Twitter. These low percentages fail to help brands gain any traction through social networking.

Brands realize they need social media, but they don’t have time to create their own content. Outsourcing these tasks to third-party content creation services could be the solution, as the hands-on personnel at these organizations are dedicated to crafting completely custom and unique media for the web. Business owners can stick to managing internal operations, and leave social tasks to the experts.