Linkbuilding is an important part of SEO, and organic content is the best way to develop these links.

A report from OutBrain found that 71 percent of companies using content marketing will spend more money on the creation of blogs, articles and other forms in 2012. With so many small businesses pursuing better web marketing campaigns, those relying on content marketing are seeing enough success to spend more.

Content marketing is ideal for small business marketing efforts on a budget due to its overall versatility. Investing in partnerships with content writers allows small business websites to focus on quality, informative articles, blog posts or white papers that can fuel social and email marketing campaigns while improving their status as industry authorities. Moreover, SMBs using search marketing are finding that content helps them improve their search standing.

Other companies included in the survey may not be spending as much, but they are expected to maintain their interest in content marketing. According to OutBrain, 11 percent of respondents plan to “heavily” increase their investment in content, while a combined 18 percent are keeping spending the same or still considering their options.

ContentLEAD recently reported that SMBs using content curation methods are seeing less benefits than those relying on the creation of their own original content. A separate survey shows that just 13 percent of businesses are using custom content, missing the potential to boost SEO capability and build thought leadership.