Infographics won't be successful if they aren't targeted toward specific demographics.

SEO can seem confusing to small business owners and employees in charge of web marketing efforts. How do they go about earning backlinks? What are meta-tags and where do they go? How can they tell if Google’s search crawlers are indexing their pages? These building blocks will always be important (and are sometimes best left up to content marketing specialists), but Google’s esteemed Search Engineer Matt Cutts recently gave advice that assures SMBs content marketing and SEO strategies all boil down to traditional principles.

“You need to make sure you get the basics right, but it is true that a lot of SEO is now circling back around to good old-fashioned marketing,” Cutts said in an interview with Eric Enge.

SMBs will see stronger web marketing results with content that compels readers to share.

The best way to win on the web is to create content that people enjoy reading and want to share with others, he advised. When blog posts, news articles and social updates are sent around the web, they will be referenced through links that naturally build sites’ backlink profiles and provide greater visibility online.

This is the second recent update from Google that says SMBs must bring their traditional skills to the SEO table. ContentLEAD previously covered a Webmaster Help Channel video, in which Matt Cutts said natural language will probably become more important moving forward.

As consumers embrace voice search on smartphones and desktops, they will conduct queries by asking questions rather than typing in keywords. So webmasters might need to optimize sites with longer phrases, like “How can I get pet food delivered?” instead of building strategies around competitive single terms such as “Petfood ecommerce.”

These developments may strike a chord with SMBs that feel more confident recognizing the questions their customers regularly ask and have experience creating successful marketing materials. However, they still require a great amount of content writing creativity and skill to execute editorial projects that keep website visitors talking.